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Please contact me via email to discuss purchasing, printing or licensing options. Use the form below to provide me with the specifics of your request. Include your name, email address and a brief message and we'll go from there. I respond to all messages, as promptly as possible.

I would offer the option to call me on my mobile phone, but the preponderance of Spam Calls that I receive and the level of Spam Filtering I have activated to maintain a degree a sanity have the net effect of blocking every call I receive unless you're in my Contacts, you're a blood relative, and you're calling from my living room.

So please, email me. I've got email notifications active on every device I own. I'm all over email.

Printing Options

If you see an image you like and have questions about printing options, please reach out to me via email. Every situation is different. Every image is unique. And some print materials look better than others. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. And I have found that personal interaction leads to the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations

All of my work can be licensed for advertising, marketing and public relations purposes. I'm confident that I can provide you with pricing that you will find attractive.

Architectural, Industrial & Metropolitan Photography

I am also available for consignment photography. I specialize in architectural, commercial, industrial and metropolitan photography. I live in in the Philadelphia area. But I am willing to travel to assignments. Designers, architects, builders, business owners and city planners, I can help you showcase your subject by creating colorful, vibrant images.

Public Art

I frequently submit my work for consideration in public arts projects. If you represent an organization seeking fine art photography for a public art project, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you.

Write & I'll Reply

If you have any questions about an image, its price or available printing or licensing options, send me a message. I am eager to do business with you. And I would be happy to answer all of your questions.

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